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I'm Hayley, but my favorite people call me mommy.

I consider myself a pretty crafty person with a wide variety of interests. Give me a can of spray paint, a hot glue gun, or a ball of yarn and I am a happy girl. However, my main and most fulfilling gig is raising two tiny humans. They are the reason I decided to pull my camera out of retirement in the first place. You see, in 2011 I earned my BFA in Photography from Columbia College in Chicago, but I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I was intimidated by fine art galleries and fashion just didn't feel like my thing. So my camera sat on a shelf next to my diploma with not much to show for it. I truly found my calling when I became a mom, not only personally but professionally as well. What started out as me taking pictures of my kids on my iPhone, transformed into me taking real photos of them and starting my own business. 

the days are long but the years are short

When you have a baby, everyone likes to tell you how they grow up so fast, but when you're nursing around the clock and running on empty, time feels like its standing still. It isn't until you've finally had a good stretch of sleep (months later) that you're able to take a step back and realize that your newborn is crawling across the living room floor. Where did the time go?!?! After the birth of my second baby, I was so desperate to hang on to every moment; but time was simply passing too quickly. Photographing my children has been my return ticket to all the tiny fingers and toes, wrinkly arms and legs, and curled up baby cuddles. 

As a mother, I know all too well how fleeting these precious moments can be, especially in the first few weeks and months when they are changing on a daily basis. And maybe I'm just vain, but I love looking at old pictures of myself as a baby when we go to visit Grandmas house; especially now that I can compare them to my own daughters pictures

(shes my twin by the way). Therefore, I find great value in preserving our memories, not just for us, but to pass on to future generations. These moments deserve to be captured because they are such an important part of your family’s story.  My goal as your photographer is to capture this new chapter for your family and help you relive it for years to come.


Hayley is very talented and creative. We enjoyed the whole photography experience and we love the photos of our sweet baby.


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Hayley Geschrey is a Lifestyle Photographer specializing in Birth, Fresh 48, and In Home Newborn sessions in Madison WI and surrounding areas.