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Preparing For Your In Home Newborn Session

To help you get the most out of your photography investment, I want to pass along some tips for what to expect.

As a mom myself, it is always my hope to make the day of your session as stress free as possible. I arrive with lots of grace and understanding that these early days are tough and exhausting! There is no need to clean your entire house or do anything special to your home - you’ve just had a baby! Just make sure any areas you’d like to take photos in (typically the nursery and master bedroom) are clear of any clutter and set up in the way you want them!

I recommend letting baby have a little awake time before I arrive, then a nice full feeding about 15 - 20 minutes before we get started. This helps baby feel nice and settled and comfy so that we have the best chance of getting off to a smooth start. But don’t worry! If baby is fussy, or needs a feeding break at any time, we will give him or her what they need! They follow their own rhythm, and we will stop to give them whatever they need along the way. When I arrive at your home, I’ll wash my hands so that I’m prepared to make any adjustments as needed (with your permission), and have you show me your nursery, bedroom or any spot you wish to have photos taken so that I can find the best light in your home. We’ll then get started, and I’ll guide you through the entire session, asking you to give lots of snuggles to that sweet baby, and photographing the precious and fleeting details of this season of life with your brand new baby.

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