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Guide to Choosing the Right Photographer For You

Hi There! Your have probably opened quite a few websites today and are wondering what all of the differences are in professional photographers and how to find the best one for you!

Here are a few tips!


Does their style match what you are looking for? The best photographer in your city may be just that, but if you don’t love what they do & how they do it, you may not be completely satisfied. Alternatively, if you love a photographer’s style, asking them to change various things for your session can result in a very different outcome from what you see in their portfolio. Is there a photographer with a style your heart instantly falls in love with?

Key Point: If you love a photographer’s work, allow them to have creative control to achieve the same for you.


What kind of artwork are you hoping to end up with after your session? Does your home have wall space in which you would like to walk by your portraits multiple times a day and enjoy a few of your favorites? Would your kids adore seeing their mom or dad snuggling them hung up in their bedroom? Do you want the entire story of your session in an album to sit down as a family and flip through as the years go by? Whatever products you love, make sure your photographer offers the best in those items. Photographers often test out multiple vendors looking for just the right items to incorporate to their product line.

Key Point: Make sure you love what your photographer offers to their clients & makes it easy for you to decide on those items.


Who will help you with clothing? Do you prefer a photographer to make recommendations, help you shop online, provide clothing for your family, or be hands off completely with clothing? If you don’t know what to wear that will look best together, best in photos, and most flattering, hiring a photographer that helps can be a relief.

Key Point: If you don’t know what to wear search for a photographer that can style your family.


Overall, how does a photographer make you feel when you visit their website & correspond with them? Are they excited to work with you? Are they prompt in their responses? Do you trust them to be consistent in what they create so that your images will be just as wonderful as what you see on their website?

Key Point: Being 100% confident in your choice of photographer translates into a wonderful experience and natural confidence in front of the camera.

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